Davita CARDIO24 Mobile Palmtop ECG

Mobile palmtop ECG unit with LCD-Display, evaluation software and USB cable for the transmission of ECG data to the PC
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Check your cardic function with CARDIO24 - for health, well-beeing and a long life!
CARDIO24, the mobile palmtop ECG unit with LCD-Display, evaluation software USB cable for the transmission of ECG data to the PC
Heart attacks and apoplexies are belonging world wide to the most emerging diseases. Many heart diseases do not cause any or only very little discomfort in their beginning stadium. Thus they are very often detected only by coincidence or stay over a longer period of time undetected. A save way to identify and monitor heart diseases already in an early stage is the ECG recording at regular intervals. CARDIO24 allows recording the ECG very easy and quick and everywhere. This way one can prevent dangerous undetected heart diseases.
Product characteristics of CARDIO24:
  • small, handy, easy to operate and usable everywhere
  • Dimensions: L=12 cm x  W=8 cm  x H=2 cm
  • Weight:134 grams without batteries
  • Memory for 30 ECG data
  • Includes a LCD-Display, USB cable, evaluation software and a detailed user manual
  • Optional available: connector cable for external electrode pads and self adhesive electrode pads
  • Certified Medical Device CE 0197   
A routine monitoring of the cardiac function with CARDIO24 is extremely important for persons with increased risc factors due to:
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol level
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • High tobacco and/or alcohol consumption
  • Overweight
  • Lack of exercise
  • Genetic risks
  • Already experienced heart attacks and strokes
The operation of CARDIO24 is very easy:
  • For the measuring put both thumbs onto the metallic contacts
  • Within only 30 seconds the exact ECG data are recorded
  • The values for the average heart rate (HR), the ST segment and the QRS intervals are displayed immidiately on the LCD display
  • The PR intervall and the QT/QTc are calculated by the CARDIO24 and can be displayed
  • Memory for 30 ECG data. In case any measured or calculated value is critical the unit is giving directly a warning in the LCD display.
  • Transmission of ECG data to the PC via USB
  • The data can be archived, evaluated and graphically displayed or printed out with the included software package, or directly transmitted to the consulting doctor with your computers E-Mail program
Art.No.: WEDAC24

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